Product Code : Cabinet TI-86

Smart Board Advanced Touch Technology Ingress Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel Display Provides the latest infrared touch technology. The Multifunctional touch display are suitable for presentations, video conferences, lessons and meetings. The large surface offers excellent performance and is suitable for education and business presentations. Infrared Touch Technology Proven infrared touch screen response allows your choice of touch or pen based control and annotation

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Model number Cabinet TI-86Aluminium Front Cover (Frame) Metal Back Cover Input port - 1 x 3RCA (Yellow, White, Red), 1 x 3RCA (Blue, Green, Red), 2 x USB-A, 2 x D-Sub, 15Pin (Blue), 2 x 3.5 Stereo audio-in-jack, 3 x HDMI-A (Horizontal), 1 x RS232 Output port - PC-RGB output 1 x D-SUB 15Pin (black)